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We are THE top provider of paediatric (children’s) first aid across the UK, training around a thousand families a week.

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Our Multi Award winning classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give you confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Mini First Aid offers a range of classes across the UK for all the family; parents, grandparents, carers and for children as young as three years old, training them in basic and life-saving first aid.


Meet The Trainers

Vicky Moon

Hi, I'm Vicky, mum to two young boys I know all too well that when your little one is poorly or hurts themselves it can be really emotional and overwhelming. Thankfully, my First Aid qualifications and First Aid volunteering at public events has always given me the confidence to know what to do, and keep me as calm as a mum can be, whenever my boys have needed me. It's important to me that I'm a role model for my boys so they are able to look after themselves if they are sick or hurt, look after and treat someone in need of treatment and have the skills to potentially save a life - even from a young age. I truly believe that first aid is a life skill that we should all have as you never know when you'll need it. I'm really excited to bring together my corporate learning and development career and my first aid experience to help everyone develop these potentially life savings skills in a really friendly and comfortable environment. Whether you're looking for training for yourself as a parent/grandparent/carer, or for a child, please get in touch and we can chat about getting you 'first aid ready'.

Neil Cassidy

Hi I am Neil, 21 years of a career in the Army as a front line soldier and then a medic which is when I found my passion and what I wanted to do for future career. What drove me to this was working in a medical centre and seeing all different kinds of patients. I just wanted to help people and then having my own two children made me realise even more how important paediatric first was. I look forward to bringing all my experience, knowledge and ability to my new life and career because the best feeling in the world is knowing that even if it is the smallest thing that a person will take away from a class and they have used it to help others means the most to me.



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